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Language Courses



In a global world we understand the needs of our Clients, whether it is for conversational learning or business meetings we can offer set courses or specific bespoke packages. With mountains views from your study room you'll be able to learn English or German in a beautiful environment. We have access to a team of more then 2500 language trainers worldwide that we personally handpick, giving us the ability to teach the most recognised languages worldwide that you personally desire.   

                                                                                 Conversational English and German Courses 

Throughout your week with us our highly qualified language trainers will help you learn either English or German in a fun and relaxed environment using a variety of engaging activities. Our trainers help you to be able to communicate in everyday situations using the four main language skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing. You will then be given the opportunity during our leisure trips to practice what you have learnt in your lessons, given you the much needed confidence that is needed. 

                                                                                              Course Details 

                                                                                       Location: Brand Austria 

                                                                                       Language: English or German 

                                                                                       Level: Conversational 

                                                                                       Accommodation: Included - Private Room 

                                                                                       Duration: 1 week (Monday - Friday) 

                                                                                       Maximum in Class: 12 

                                                                                       Number of Lessons: 10 x 1.5 Hours 

                                                                                       Minimum Age: 18 


                                                                                 Business Bespoke Packages 

                                                                                              Coming Soon 

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